Cancer Doesn't Stop For A Pandemic, So We Continued The Fight.


While the year 2020 was quite uncertain, one thing remained clear. We would continue to support the cancer patients of Harrison County through continued fundraising. 

The Harrison County Transportation Fund, established many years ago by the late Betty Manville and the late H.A. Roberson, provides financial assistance for Harrison County residents who have been newly diagnosed with cancer and are traveling to medical appointments. The Harrison County Transportation Fund is currently operated by volunteers Carol Barton and Rhonda Deskins, who continue to give selflessly of their time. 

Our 11th Annual HCCH Fun Run looked very different this past year. To keep the members of our community safe, we had to make a tough decision and not have an in-person walk. During this same time, Harrison County was struck with the onset of the worst period of the COVID pandemic. 

We sold T-Shirts, as we have every year prior, and obtained multiple sponsors for the event. Despite the obstacles, the 2020 event collected just over $5,900 in proceeds to benefit the Harrison County Transportation Fund. With these proceeds, as well as other donations through memorials, the transportation fund has provided 19
 cancer patients in 2020 and 12 already in 2021, with an $800 check at the time of their diagnosis.  

The Fun Run & Walk, organized by Harrison County Community Hospital and the HCCH Foundation, has raised almost $69,000 to support local cancer patients since 2010.

Through the constant support of this community, these individuals can benefit from these monetary donations. 

Please join us in October to continue the fight. We have every intention to have an “in-person” event in 2021! 

Thank you all for your constant support over the last 11 years.

Erica Babinski, Director of Imaging Services, Harrison County Community Hospital. 

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