HCCH Offers 3-D Mammograms


Mammography Staff at HCCHWomen now have access to the latest mammography screenings at Harrison County Community Hospital with the addition of 3-D technology to the hospital’s mammogram machine.
Traditional mammograms use X-rays to create a two-dimensional image of the breast that radiologists use to screen for breast cancer.

In 3-D mammography, multiple cross-sectional X-ray images are used to create a three-dimensional picture of the breast.
Detailed 3-D images make it easier for doctors to catch breast cancer early, when treatment works best. 
A new Missouri law will require Missouri health insurers to cover 3-D screening mammograms for women age 40 and over. Medicare and Medicaid also cover 3-D mammograms, according to Erica Babinski, director of Imaging Services.

Pictured: The mammography staff at Harrison County Community Hospital with the machine that is now equipped with 3-D technology.

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