Local Facilities to Participate in Community Emergency Drill


Harrison County Community Hospital, the South Harrison School District, emergency services agencies and other local health care facilities will all participate in a community-wide emergency exercise on Wednesday, April 17, the culmination of several weeks of planning.

During the practice exercise, a high school chemistry lab will experience a mock explosion which requires ambulance services to transport several individuals to Harrison County Community Hospital’s emergency department.

“We hope we never have to activate our emergency response plans, but the best way for our staff and students to be prepared is to participate in practice drills,” said Dennis Eastin, South Harrison Superintendent.

Harrison County Community Hospital and its medical clinics will use the exercise as an opportunity to practice its emergency plans for triaging and treating a large influx of patients, according to Keri Barclay RN, the hospital’s emergency preparedness coordinator.

“The integration of local emergency services and other stakeholders fulfills the community-based approach of all-hazards emergency planning, as well as the other elements of the emergency management continuum,” said John Barclay, chief of the NTA EMS.

Local law enforcement agencies, the Bethany Fire Department, Harrison County Health Department and nursing homes will also participate in the exercise.

Representatives from the participating agencies will meet after the practice exercise to evaluate the response to the drill, identify any procedures that need to be updated or discuss areas that need more practice.

Anyone who has questions about the drill should contact HCCH or NTA.

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