HCCH Medical Clinic Displays Lan Thompson’s Artwork

Photographer Lan Thompson poses next to her artwork at HCCH Medical Clinic.

The stunning images displayed in HCCH Medical Clinic show the scenic landscapes, farmland, and livestock throughout Harrison County. Local photographer Lan Thompson, “Curiouser & Curiouser Photography,” photographed rural Harrison County and generously donated the photographs to be displayed throughout HCCH Medical Clinic.

Robin Hogan, HCCH Medical Clinic Manage, wanted artwork in the clinic that encapsulated the generational American Pride of the cattle and crop farmers in our rural areas, with hopes that the local images would make patients feel at home while visiting the medical clinic.

“I wanted to display images that would create a common connection between the residents of Harrison County. Whether that be through the seasonal rural landscapes and its farm life or to the history-worn structures that hold our county’s stories”, said photographer Lan Thompson.

All of the photos displayed at the clinic were taken in Harrison County, Missouri,