Swing Bed Program

Recovering from surgery, accident/injury, or illness can be a difficult and lengthy process, especially when distance separates you from your home and family. Every patient reaches a point in the recovery process when acute hospital care is no longer necessary, yet returning home is too big of a step.

Bridging that gap, helping the patient "swing" from acute hospital care back to his or her place of residence, is the purpose of the Swing Bed program.

Swing Bed Program
2600 Miller Street
Bethany, MO 64424

Phone: (660) 425-0215

Skilled Care

The Swing Bed program allows patients who still need rehabilitation therapy, nursing care, or other medical supervision to improve strength and independence to receive these services in a location that is closer to family and friends. A treatment plan is customized for each Swing Bed patient, and the length of stay is determined by the unique needs and progress of each patient. Our Swing Bed team is made up of skilled individuals from many areas of the hospital.

  • Activities coordinator provides activities to help keep the patient's mind active.
  • Care coordinator ensures the patient qualifies for Swing Bed and facilitates teamwork in care giving.
  • Dietary staff provides nutritious meals.
  • Nurses provide skilled care.
  • Pharmacist dispenses and monitors prescription medications.
  • Rehabilitation therapist (physical, occupational, speech) helps regain optimal level of functioning.
  • Physician oversees the plan of care.
  • Social worker assists with emotional support and discharge plan.

Medicare and most insurance companies cover the Swing Bed program. Contact us for more information about the HCCH Swing Bed Program, including patient eligibility requirements.