Social Work Services

At HCCH, we understand that hospitalization, illness, or injury can be stressful. Social workers are available to help patients and their families manage the broad range of psycho social issues and stress related to coping with illness and maintaining health.

Social workers are professionally trained members of the Harrison County Community Hospital District staff. They help patients and their families with the social, financial, psychological, and family problems associated with an illness or subsequent hospitalization or outpatient treatment. They also have primary responsibility for providing and coordinating discharge planning services for patients.

Hospital Social Services

A member of the hospital’s social work staff visits privately with patients and their family members to discuss their needs. Communication is encouraged between the patient, family members, and the health care team to gain a better understanding of the patient’s situation. All information shared with an HCCH social worker is confidential. With patient approval, the social worker also may contact other community agencies to assist, when needed.

HCCH social workers:

  • Help with lifestyle adjustments to illness and hospitalization or treatment
  • Plan for hospital discharge and arrangements for post-hospital needs
  • Inform patients or/refer patients to hospital and community resources
  • Provide counseling for personal or financial problems related to the medical condition
  • Provide health education
  • Assist with advance directives

Our Social Workers Are Here to Help

To receive assistance from the Social Work Services department, ask your physician or nurse or call the Social Work Services office at (660) 425-0215. All services are available for hospital inpatients, outpatients, and their family members. Social work services are confidential and offered at no cost to the patient.

Nichole Tatum, MSW
Nichole Tatum, MSW
Director of Social Services

Medical Clinics Social Services

Social workers are available in the medical clinics to assist patients needing counseling.

Clinical social workers offer:

  • Individual counseling services
  • Family counseling services

Our Licensed Clinical Social Workers treat most mental health disorders, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Bipolar Disorders
  • Substance Use Disorder
  • Other Behavioral Disorders

The first visit consists of assessing the patients, and the following sessions begin treating accordingly.

Our social workers are here to help. Give us a call at (660) 425-3154 to find out more and to schedule an appointment.

DeAnna Dinwiddie, LMSW

DeAnna Dinwiddie, MSW, LMSW

HCCH Medical Clinics