Future Hospital

A street view rendering of the planned HCCH facilityHarrison County Community Hospital has formally announced plans to construct a new facility to expand services in Bethany, continuing the hospital’s commitment to providing safe and high-quality healthcare for patients. Located on 39th Street, the new multi-million-dollar space would replace the nearly 70-year-old facility that currently houses the hospital and would provide new and improved equipment and health services for patients.

Enhancements would include:

  • Private inpatient rooms
  • In-house MRI
  • Increased outpatient surgery
  • Additional specialty clinic areas
  • Critical infusion services
  • And much more!

“We are thrilled to be making this announcement, as this facility would be the start of a new chapter for both our hospital and the community,” said Tina Gillespie, CEO of the Harrison County Community Hospital District. “HCCH remains committed to our mission of providing exceptional care to every patient, every day. With this announcement, we are furthering that commitment by sharing our plans to improve access to quality care for our patients and the people of Bethany.”

The new medical center will be approximately 73,000 square feet and designed with potential additional expansion in mind. The hospital would aim to complete the construction of the facility in spring 2025.

Hospital Rendering Video & Photos