HCCH Sleep Lab Earns Accreditation


Harrison County Community Hospital recently received notification that its Sleep Lab has been accredited by Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).

An onsite inspection conducted February 8 determined that the hospital complies with all ACHC standards, and accreditation was granted for three years.

Sleep studies are used to help diagnose several serious medical conditions, according to Dr. Scott Eveloff, HCCH’s consulting pulmonologist and sleep medicine specialist, who sees patients at the hospital in Bethany.

Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorder, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, insomnia and sleepwalking are frequently diagnosed by conducting a sleep study, he said.

Patients having a sleep study are attached to monitors that record vital signs and body movements during an overnight stay in the hospital’s Sleep Lab. Data gathered during the study is used to make a diagnosis and begin any prescribed treatment.

“People who experience morning headaches, excessive snoring, insomnia or frequent daytime drowsiness should talk to their primary health care provider about these symptoms and the potential need for a sleep study,” said Mary Elsberry, director of the hospital’s Cardio-Pulmonary Services department.

During the inspection, ACHC surveyors toured the Sleep Lab, interviewed patients and staff, reviewed policies and procedures, evaluated continuous performance improvement activities and observed a sleep study.

“This new accreditation shows that HCCH offers high-quality sleep studies in Bethany, so patients do not need to drive to a Sleep Lab in an urban area,” Elsberry added.

For more information about HCCH’s Sleep Lab, call (660) 425-0379.

Pictured: Dr. Scott Eveloff, who is board certified in pulmonology, critical care and sleep medicine, is the Sleep Lab’s medical director. Mary Elsberry, director of Cardio-Pulmonary Services, manages the HCCH Sleep Lab.

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