Hospital Adds Onsite MRI Scanner


Radiology staff complete MRI training

The diagnostic imaging capabilities at Harrison County Community Hospital took a big step forward with the recent addition of permanent onsite magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). 

MRIs use a powerful magnet to create high-resolution images of the body’s organs and internal structures.

Doctors use the noninvasive test to diagnose a variety diseases or injuries and to help monitor the effectiveness of medical treatments.

The MRI scanner is in a freestanding structure on the west wide of the hospital. For the past 14 years the hospital offered MRIs in a mobile truck parked at the hospital a few hours three times each week.

“With the addition of our own MRI scanner, we offer local access to nearly all types of medical imaging, including CTs, X-rays, ultrasound, 3D mammograms, DEXA bone density scans and nuclear medicine,” said Tina Gillespie, the hospital’s chief executive officer.

Investing in the hospital’s own scanner provides greater convenience for patients and physicians because the exams are now scheduled Monday through Friday, Gillespie added.

HCCH purchased the MRI scanner from a hospital in Illinois. 

According to Erica Babinski, who directs HCCH’s imaging department, scans obtained by the MRI are transmitted electronically to a radiologist who interprets the images. The radiologist returns a report for patient’s medical record and the physician who ordered the exam. 

Casey Feigly, a certified MRI technologist, joined the HCCH staff in November. She previously worked for the company that provided mobile MRIs at the hospital.

Planned landscaping around the MRI building along the hospital’s property on 25th Street will complete the project.

Pictured: Imaging staff members complete training on the new MRI scanner.

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