Local Students Explore Careers at HCCH


Five area high school juniors and seniors recently spent a week of summer vacation exploring careers in health care at Harrison County Community Hospital.

Applicants selected for HCCH’s first Health Careers Boot Camp, held June 3–7, allowed students to job shadow in five clinical departments and interact with staff in several other departments.

“We organized the Boot Camp to introduce the wide range of career opportunities available in health care—and not just in large cities but right here in Bethany,” said Tim Hill, the hospital’s marketing director and coordinator of the program.

Participants spent time in the emergency department, inpatient services and outpatient specialty clinic to learn about the work of physicians and doctors. 

While following the hospital’s radiology techs, the students learned about X-rays, CT scans and MRIs. They also observed physical, occupational and respiratory therapists working with their patients.

In the laboratory, students learned about blood typing, using a microscope to examine specimens and conducting tests using the hospital’s lab equipment.

Hospital employees working in social work, health care billing and finance, health information management and information technology also discussed their jobs with the Boot Camp participants.

“Participants and staff involved in the Boot Camp have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback about the experience, so we aim to offer the program again next year,” Hill said.

The Boot Camp was funded by the Howard and Leah Trullinger Endowed Scholarship Fund, which is administered by the HCCH Foundation.

Pictured: Health Careers Boot Camp participants from Harrison County schools who spent a week at HCCH were Alyssa Olson, Kaylee Hilburn, Sydney Deskins, Naomi Thomsen and Quinton Johnson.

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