June Community Update

Pivotal stages of construction are currently underway for the new Harrison County Community Hospital facility.

Key developments include:

  • Road Closure and Sidewalk Construction: 39th Street is closed for essential tie-in work and is scheduled to reopen around June 24. Concurrently, sidewalk construction along the new 39th Street is nearing completion to ensure seamless pedestrian access upon reopening.
  • Entrance Approaches: Three of the four entrance approaches to the hospital site have been completed, enhancing accessibility for future patients, visitors, and staff.
  • Infrastructure Relocation: The City of Bethany has begun relocating street lights and overhead power lines to accommodate the new road layout and support ongoing construction efforts.
  • Site Preparation: The removal of the existing 39th Street is underway to facilitate the final grading of parking areas and the preparation of the new building pad, marking significant progress toward site readiness.

Looking ahead:

  • Utility Installation: The installation of utilities under the East Parking Lots will commence in the coming weeks, ensuring robust infrastructure to support the hospital facility.
  • Final Grading: The final grading of the East Parking Lots is slated to begin shortly, optimizing parking efficiency and accessibility.
  • Site Lighting: Site lighting installation will also commence, enhancing safety and visibility throughout the hospital premises.

HCCH extends our gratitude to residents for their cooperation and patience during this transformative phase. The new hospital promises to significantly enhance healthcare services for Bethany and surrounding communities.

Sidewalk along new 39th Street looking southeast
Sidewalk along new 39th Street looking southeast.

South Entrance into the hospital off of the new 39th Street.