New 39th Street Opens for Traffic, Focus Shifts to Parking Areas

As of Tuesday, June 25, the newly constructed 39th Street is officially open for traffic, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing infrastructure project. The project’s next phase will concentrate on developing the parking areas west of the new road. This includes installing underground utilities, curbing, and preparing parking lot surfaces.

Once completed, the parking areas will serve as staging grounds for materials needed for the project’s remainder. The relocation of overhead power lines is nearing completion, and the City of Bethany is actively working on the relocation of light poles along the new 39th Street.

Top-soil backfilling along the road and sidewalk is in progress, enhancing the new hospital’s aesthetics and functionality. A small portion of the public sidewalk remains unfinished and will be completed once the storm drain work is finalized near the southernmost approach.

Along with these developments, the old 39th Street is being demolished and removed by the county. The concrete from the old road has been donated to the Harrison County commissioners for use in various projects throughout the county, ensuring the materials are repurposed effectively.

HCCH and the city of Bethany appreciate the community’s patience and cooperation during this extensive project. As the project progresses, further updates will be provided monthly.

Concrete pour on June 20, 2024
Existing 39th Street Demolition June 18, 2024